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Work with Me

I an grateful that you are interested in working with me.  Here are some ways I can help you in your business.

My company Knowledge Anywhere offers learning consulting service to all organizations, industries and around these areas of expertise:

  1. Learning Content Development
  2. On-Line Learning
  3. Blended Learning
  4. Knowledge Gaps and Solutions
  5. Mobile Learning and related technologies
  6. Learning Management System
  7. Content Editing Tools

Speaking and Education

I have been involved in adult education for the majority of my career.  In that time I have gone from traditional classroom training to an early advocate of online learning driven by technology.  Experience has taught me that technology is a catalyst for change and I show organizations how to look at learning at learning as a way to improve business.  I am available for a video webinar to speaking to your organization or for consultation.  If this is of interest to you please click here to contact me.