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Time to Shift Gears?

Time to Shift Gears?

The sales profession is not a mystery it simply takes hard work.  The past couple of years that hard work has taken on a new face and if one wants to be successful they need to be consistent.  It becomes frustrating from time to time because many times it is like being in a one-sided relationship.  Know what I mean?  You do all of the giving and pursuing and you never get anywhere.  The professional sales person can call, send emails provide information and never get a response or when they do get a response it is not exactly the response they want to hear.

Buyers and users of the Internet have a huge appetite and they want to receive their information in a variety of ways.  If telephone calls and email do not work become part of the social networking scene by becoming an active member of the social media community.  Join Linked-InFacebook and Twitter and engage with your audience as someone that can be liked and trusted before you make a pitch.  In fact, Web 2.0 is all about buyers finding you.  I know what you are thinking, “how can I wait for buyers to come to me when my job is bring in customers?”

The answer is simple but complex.  One must do all of the traditional ways to attract sales but one must market as well.  If your clients do not know about you they cannot buy from you.  The pure cold-call is simply not enough any longer professional sales people must try a variety of approaches to attract a potential buyer for their products and services.

Remember, people buy from those that they know like and trust.  Web 2.0 is about building relationships first to show those that you are trying to attract that you knowledgeable, trustworthy and likeable.  Just like dating before marriage this does not happen with simply a couple of touches or contacts it takes time and persistence.  Ultimately it takes a mind-shift from how we use to conduct business to how most business is developed today.  The question to you is this, “am I willing to change my work habits and mindset to accepting a few new approaches or am I going to continue to do things the way I have always done them with less than a successful outcome?”

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