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Time to Restart

I have been away from my readers for well over a month but I feel I had a very good reason.  See one month ago to the day I had shoulder replacement surgery and it was a little difficult to type comfortably.  I decided to have the surgery to improve my badly damaged shoulder and  improve my quality of life.

It has been very difficult for me to relax and to focus on my rehabilitation because I am a high-energy person who does not like to remain idol for very long.  However, this down time has given me a great deal to reflect upon and to focus on what is important and access my priorities and decide what is really important.

Many times we are so busy simply doing that we never question why.  This time away from writing has allowed me to decide what is important and what is not.  What is keeping form doing what I want to really want to do and why am I letting that happen to me.  Here are some of the conclusions I have come up for myself and what I am going to do about it.

  1. I go out of my way to please others and I need to spend more time pleasing myself.  I am a strong believer in treating people with kindness and respect but I need to concentrate on myself more and my needs otherwise I grow resentful and cannot be my very best.
  2. My health is import to me to and I must take care of it and make sure it is always a priority with me.
  3. I need to trust my knowledge and instincts more and pick and choose what knowledge is valuable, what I can use and what I discard.
  4. Last years goals do not necessarily pertain to today, constantly re access.
  5. I write to engage my audience into meaningful dialect by giving them good content that they can use.
  6. Helping individuals find their inner-self and to grow from those lessons motivates and electrifies me.  I will continue to make this one of my personal drivers and will touch and help as many individuals as I can.

Obviously these are not all of my inner-motivators but it is a very good start.  How about you?  Is it time for you to do a restart and refocus on the things that make your juices flows and motivates you to do your very best?

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