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The Value of Strategic Planning

The United States of America has just finished months of a grueling Presidential campaign where both parties worked extremely hard but there could be only one winner – the Democratic Party.  Regardless of which political affiliation you may be once a race is offer it promotes reflection by the losing party and they start to reflect on what they could have done better.

This morning while riding the elliptical machine in my local gym, I watched Morning Joe and they were talking about the election and what the Republicans could have done better.  What did the Democrats do that gave the edge?  In two words it was strategic planning.

Turns out that the Democrats decided nearly two years ago which none states they needed to win the election?  Next they used the United States Census figures to learn the demographics of each of those states and counties and who were they people they needed to target and get to vote for them.  Now if they catered to the needs of these groups, targeted their campaign pitches to these groups of people who do you think they were going to vote for come election day?  Exactly the Democrats!

The Democrats strategically planned their campaign and in the end they received the results they were seeking.  Did the Republicans not plan?  Well, not as in depth as the Democrats because they were not victorious.  Now I am sure there were other contributing factors but it just goes to show how important strategic planning is.

The next time you make a cold-call or are create a marketing flyer or plan, ask yourself who is my target, what appeals to them and have I done my research that will ensure me that I get the results I want?  Strategic planning takes hard work but it can produce the desired results.  Before you make your next call or create your next marketing campaign remember the lessons from the 2012 Presidential election.

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