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The Business of Sales

Those of us in the learning industry understand that our sales cycle is longer than most industries.  Through the years I have summarized that there are many reasons as to why this occurs but more times than not it usually points to the fact that organizations want to make sure they get it right and that their learning solution resonates with the learners.

I have witnessed that getting any learner interested in the subject matter regardless of the topic is  a task within itself.  Particularly in online learning one must first attract, then appeal and engage the learner.  Any good instructional designer will share that simply providing the information is not enough and knows that they must appeal to the target audience first and then engage the learner to become an active participant in the lesson or the subject being taught at that time.

Experience has proven that far too many organizations create and redefine what it is they want to do before they ever get the subject matter in-front of the learners.  This elongates the buying and development process when working with outside firms to deliver learning.  In other words the fear of not creating the perfect lesson or interactive site impedes the process.

Those that have worked in the interactive learning world knows the best path to success is to develop the solution and quickly put it in front of the users.  The users will quickly let any development or learning team know what they like and what they do not like and it gives educators the ability to change the program(s) to meet the needs of the learners.

I would suggest for learning and development managers to embrace this concept and the development process will produce better results and the chances of success will be much greater.  For learning sales professional I would encourage you to guide your prospects a way from the perfect solution towards one that works for their environment and their learners.  Regardless what one may think there is not the perfect learning solution on the solution that works for the client at any given time.

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