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Socialization and the Workplace

Organizations everywhere fully understand the need for workers to connect and collaborate with one another.  There has been a seismic shift in the workforce in the past few years and companies are trying to meet the needs of their workers in non-traditional ways.

Stop to think of all the information that is presented to any person each and every day and you will start to come to terms with the enormity of not only getting the attention of a learner but also the challenge of presenting learning scenario that are meaningful and engaging.

There is a growing need and demand for the ability to connect to others.  It is with each other that we can make sense, and this is social.  Workers everywhere are working remotely and not always centralized in a common location.  These occurrences have come about to trim costs, but to become more flexible in our thinking and physical location of our workplace but to become more reactive to the needs of the marketplace by being more agile and responsive.  While all of this may be logically correct it still does not take away from the fact that people need to be social.  This fact holds true for communication, sales, marketing and learning.

The Internet has fundamentally changed how we communicate.  We have moved away from knowledge transfer and acquisition and have moved towards dialogue and guidance as key competencies. The new reality operates in an iterative manner and there is not a “Hand-book” on the best practices.  Instead organizations everywhere experiment with trial and error in an iterative manner to learn what works best for a given situation.

Learning has moved away from the premise that jobs are constant and the workers must conform to the needs of the job.  The real value to any organization today is creativity and this requires individual workers to have many skills and not focus a single skill as in years past.  Workers need to take more responsibility for their own development as well as developing the ability to communicate with their co-workers through social collaboration.  This dynamic will drive the future of organizations everywhere and make a difference in how we work and become productive in the future.

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