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Sales Tools

I have spent nearly four decades in the sales and marketing profession and throughout all of that time I have seen many sales tools and approaches come and go.  Depending on the organization I was with at the time I have become an expert in many of them which worked extremely well “in their day” but do not fit the needs of the modern decision maker.

In this space I will share my thoughts on what works and what does not with my only purpose being to expose you to different approaches that may or may not fit your needs at any given time.  Keep in mind what use to work yesterday does not necessary work today and to continually try the same approach over and over again expecting different results is the ultimate definition of insanity.  Activity does not equate into sales regardless what your have been told.  A well thought out plan an approach will get you closer to your goal.

Remember this – “The Internet is The Great Equalizer.”  Your clients and potential customers know as much as you do about the market, your products and services, your competition and even your solution.  There was a time when clients needed you to share what you have and what your could offer.  Not so much anymore.

So what do you do?  Here are my suggestions:

  • Research the company you are trying to sell to.   What are their challenges and what solutions can you offer to solve them?
  • What is the mission the potential prospect and how can you assure them you can help them to meet it?
  • How does your offering help your client to minimize their risk and gain a competitive advantage?
  • Organization need to see a clear return on investment on all purchases.  How does your solution meet this need with tangible result?
  • Does your solution offer a sustainable solution that can produce results long-term?

The organizations of today do not need salespeople.  What they need is solution providers that can assist them in finding the right solution that management can believe in and their company will accept and embrace.  Sales is hard work and is not for the meek.  Can you adjust to meet the needs of your prospects?