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Optimizing Sales Performance

They world of sales has changed and if your team is still struggling to make sales happen the same old way chances are they are missing the boat.  Most organizations have a myopic view in their approach to sales performance and consequently only look to sales training as a way to improve sales.  However, their are other factors like time management, schedules, product knowledge and solution finding that are critical to the process today.

Here is a fact 80% of the step sales programs do not work in today’s world.  People no longer buy features, benefits and functions and when they are approached with such a pitch it is not well received.  Your potential buyers know your product as well as you do and what they are really searching for are solutions to their challenges.  Your sales team needs to research what is important to their clients and offer up solution that will fit their needs.

So where do we start?   I can we improve sales performance?  I suggest starting with a Sales Optimization Gap Analysis.  This analysis includes such areas as

  • Prospecting skills
  • Time Management
  • Account Management
  • Identify skills and knowledge gaps inside and outside sales that are impacting performance
  • Recommended solutions that will resolve them

The media plays a key role in the sales process today.  We have empowered sales teams with mobile applications and mobile tutorials that provide just-in-time information prior to a sales call or for use during a sales call to get potential buyers of your products and service completely engaged in your message.    Want to know more?  Contact me today!