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Mobile Learning

We have all heard that different people learn in different people learn different ways but did you know that also included learning on mobile media.  Empowering your mobile workforce is a natural extension of web-based learning and more and more leading organizations currently deliver some amount of distance learning content through mobile technologies.

Your organization needs to deploy training rapidly, keeping dispersed teams aligned with the best information available while sharpening key skills needed in key roles to achieve competency in many given areas.  Mobile learning is the ultimate deliver solution for standard-based, single source solution that has far greater reach than traditional learning models  as well as many web-based deliver platforms.  Learners can now embrace learning anywhere, anytime with any device and not be limited.

Knowledge Anywhere  has developed mobile solutions for I-Phone, I-Pads and Androids. Mobile-learning can be used for:

  • Job support tool that can assist workers in the field with various job-related tasks
  • Sales-Enablement tool that can provide any professional the just-in-time information that is need to close a crucial negotiation
  • Deliver Compliance Knowledge to your workforce in a highly visible cost-effective medium
  • Reaching healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere creating more learning and less avoidance
  • Critical skills check list that can assist any professional in perform the job at hand quickly and efficiently