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Listen to Your Inner Voice

Professionals who are engaged in sales and marketing are always seeking the next “best thing” that will help them to gain an edge on their competition.  We attend seminars, read book, listen to pod casts and constantly seek the edge we need to out perform the next guy.  I have said before the world of marketing and sales has changed and I would propose anyone who is in marketing or business development needs to listen to their inner voice to arrive at the right solutions for prospects and for themselves.

As the saying goes the definition of insanity is to try to do they same thing over and over again and expect different results.  Those organizations that will not try to evolve from what was successful before will have a difficult time trying to reach the prospects of today.  we are learned from the proponents of Web 2.0 that clients no longer want to be sold to they want to buy.  For clients to buy they need to be attracted to what you have to say and I would suggest this needs to be done with more than a telephone.

Individuals who use cold-calling on a telephone as there only method of marketing and selling know there has to be a better way but they have had it drilled into them that if they simply make enough cold-calls the sales will come.  So what do they do?  They ignore their inner voice that tells them to try something new because they have been brainwashed into thinking that cold-calling is the only way.

Simply consider this.  Your potential audience has many media outlets they use to find information.  They can use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and websites simply to name a few.  Your prospective audience reads blogs like this one and listen to pod casts, the radio and yes, they even watch television but not just on TV they watch it from their computers, smart phones and i-Pads.  There is a huge audience you are trying to appeal to and they have multiple choices of obtaining information.  Listen to your inner voice and try some of these various mediums to reach them.  Yes, it takes work and time but you inner voice is telling you it just might work.

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