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Learning Technology

How learning is delivered globally has changed dramatically over the years and emerging technology and practices help to advance learning along with well-integrated technologies and practices.  Empowering learners anywhere at anytime is crucial for any company seeking to gain a competitive advantage.  Knowledge is a powerful equalizer and I seek to assist my clients with innovative tools for communicating with clients and managing projects, to helping client with just-in-time information driven by a learning management system or learning portal.

The world has changed dramatically and it is not going to stop in fact it is going to continue to accelerate.  The world of learning has progressed from classroom to learning from the cloud.  Gone are the days when knowledge existed in a specified physical location doled out by its keepers. No longer is it enough to simply present information but the information that is presented needs to be presented in a dynamic manner that appeals to its intended audience and delivered in various modes of media anytime and anywhere.

I can assist you in making the most out of technology by using it as a catalyst for learning  My organization Knowledge Anywhere knows how to harness the power of technology to give everyone the information the need.  We do this through:

Learning Portals

  • Customized
  • Flexible
  • Multipurposed

Emergent Learning

  • Mobile Learning (mlearning)
  • Simulations
  • Learning 2.0
  • Gaming

Technical Consulting

  • System audits, evaluate and identify
  • Learning Management System Integration
  • Hosting – Cloud Service
  • SCORM, Content Editing etc.

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