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Learning Strategy

Your road-map to a good effective organizational development starts by having a good corporate learning strategy.  What has worked in the past does not necessarily work today and organizations must be able to adjust to the needs of the learner.  The best strategy is one that aligns the learning needs of the people and roles to the long-term business goals of the organization. More times than not we find organizations operating in crisis mode and constantly putting out “fires”  they know that they need a plan but can never quite find the time to put a plan together.

I believe I can help.  We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive strategy that enables you to plan and prepare for your organizations learning needs, and optimizes the time and investment your organization spend on learning.

Keys to a Good Learning Strategy

  • A thorough assessment and analysis plan
  • Determine the organizations learning needs
  • Identifies learning delivery methods appropriate to needs of the audiences
  • Create a strategy linked you your organization’s business goals and objectives
  • Gain participation and buy-in from key “stakeholders” in your company
  • Design a practical implementation plan complete with the right communication approach

Knowledge  and learning is forever changing and I can assist your organization with a flexible strategy that you can follow today and can adjust for tomorrow with the right tactics for putting a plan into action!