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Learning Portals

A modern day learning portal is a one-stop resource to the user.  Organizations can host learning, video’s, social media and push marketing materials from a learning portal.  Often time the lines get blurred between a learning management system and a learning portal.  Learning management systems usually just house learning resources and depending on the system that is deployed a company will limited as to what can be accessed.

With a learning portal this should be an entry way to knowledge of all types that can be made available to end-users.  Learning portals are an integrated part of any enterprise system and can combing informal with formal learning, social learning, content management, reporting and analytics.   Organizations are more mobile than ever before and need to deliver information, presentations and learning in multiple forms of media, web, classroom, webinars and mobile.  A learning portal should be able to handle this and more.

At my company Knowledge Anywhere we often integrate the Quest Track LMS  with ICE our Instructional Content Editor.  The combination of these two systems enables any client not only to serve up learning to multiple media platforms it also give organizations to create learning, presentations, webinars and marketing materials, push them to the intended audience without having to purchase software and only be charge a monthly hosting fee.  Companies every where that engage me to assist them with a learning portal quickly find that they can align the learning needs of the workforce with the mission of the organization.  With a Learning Portal learning leaders and department leaders can:

  • Align and focus learning needs with business and goals of the organization
  • Efficiently manage learning resources
  • Accelerate performance by combining multiple forms of knowledge and learning
  • Ensure compliance throughout the organization
  • Create a flexible, custom, low-cost learning management solution with no user fees

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