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Learning Management System

The key to integrating learning and performance management in any organization is an outstanding learning management system(LMS) that can help drive revenue to your bottom-line.   A learning management system should be flexible, robust and scale-able to meet the needs of any organization.  The role of the LMS is changing from a standalone system to a dynamic, enterprise-wide application that is integrated into all aspects of your business.

I focus on giving you access to knowledge you can put into practice rather than features of an LMS that you may never use.  Many of the LMS’s in the market today focus more on features and implementation cost which leave little investment left for actual learning.

Quest Track  by Knowledge Anywhere is flexible, SCORM compliant proprietary learning management system that is fully customizable and easy to use.  Quest Track can also be integrated into your human resource or third-party SCORM-compliant system and customized to your needs.  The system offers you a flexible, low-cost learning management system that is as robust as some of the other brand-name systems on the market but at a fraction of the price.

Quest Track offers:


  • Web-based and mobile learning with Low Monthly Fees and No Maintenance
  • No software to install or servers to buy.  Cloud driven solutions that let you train immediately
  • Anywhere, anytime access via the Internet
  • Choose only those features that you need now and grow into your solution
  • Scalable to meet audience sizes from one hundred to thousands of users


  • Customized user interface that will can be tailored to your branding and needs
  • Flexible architecture model that enables us to turn features on or off as you need them
  • Align learning with strategic business objectives to meet the needs of your learners and customers