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Learning Is a Prudent Investment

I have been amazed this past six months how clients who need to reach a global audience have decided it is permissible to sacrifice quality for price.  There are many off-the-shelf development programs offered that can be made to look very good but it will take time and effort to make it work and any organization has to ask themselves if they are willing to invest the time and manpower to do that.

In this vulnerable economy that is trying to get itself on-track it seems to me the last thing any organization would want to do is to offer up learning applications that are less than desirable.  As an educator I know that unless a user is attracted to a piece, likes it and learns from it the time and effort put into creating it is not justified.

Telling is not learning and one needs to engage learners to ensure they participate.   Here is my take.  Regardless of what type of propaganda we are fed by the government the fact-of the-matter is companies are not bullish on bringing new employees on until they are more confident in the economy.  This message has been pretty consistent over the past four years.

So if they are not going to hire many new employees would it not make sense to invest in their current workforce to make sure that their organization can run a maximum efficiency while gaining a competitive advantage within their given market space?  To do this I believe these organizations need to offer up learning applications that are engaging, delivered on multiple platforms in a number of modalities i.e. I-Pads, Mobile, Web and Virtual Learning Classrooms.

Wake up organizations everywhere and quit trying to do learning for minimal investment.  This represents the very future of your organization and the very crucial path to talent management that everyone is concerned about.  I have watched many organization continually try to less and produce more but perhaps rather than trying to do everything themselves they should look to professional development organizations that create learning in less time and investment should they decide to do it in-house.

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