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Learning Content Editor

A long time ago, the goal of a LCMS was to help manage all kinds of assets that an organization had.  Somewhere along the way, the need arose for companies  to develop their own learning content with structure databases that can be structured into courses.

The value of such a system is obvious.  Companies can create more SCORM compliant learning in less time at a fraction of the cost.  As new delivery channels for training content emerge in this anytime, anywhere world organizations everywhere need the capability to develop for smart phones, tablets, eReaders and for web-based training.   The traditional ways of developing training however is now becoming highly inefficient and many times cost prohibitive  because content now needs to be re-authored for each of these different platforms.

Introducing the first content management system specifically designed for the learning development of the professional mind-ICE!   Knowledge Anywhere’s content editing tool (Instructional Content Editor) enables you to build custom knowledge solutions that help you reach your business goals faster.

Benefits of ICE | Instructional Content Editor

  • No programming skills required
  • Centralized content – ease of collaboration
  • Course integrate with any LMS
  • Web-based development
  • Custom branding look and feel

Features of ICE | Instructional Content Editor

  • Upload your own content
  • Publish SCORM 1.2 packages
  • Completely web base:  No software is needed
  • Learning centric page templates
  • Streaming video server
  • Real time course editing and previewing
  • Workflow Approval Process – Version Control

Creating a course is ans easy as create, edit and publish.  Want to learn more?   Contact me.