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Knowledge Gaps and Solutions

Knowledge Management is one of the hottest subjects talked about in business today.  Organizations everywhere are continually receiving information on a daily basis from a variety mediums on a daily basis.  According to Wikipedia “knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices use in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences.”

Just think of all of the areas in your organization where knowledge is kept, in databases, files, presentations and yes even inside workers minds and it can be quickly understood how information or knowledge can get misplaced or lost.  My goal in working with clients and organizations is to accelerate and broaden access to organizational knowledge by identify knowledge gaps by a proven process and create workable solutions that enables users to access the knowledge needed make quick and informed business quickly.

Why should we care about knowledge transfer?  Well, beyond the day-to-day operations of an organizations consider this:

  • We are nearing the exit of Baby Boomers form the workforce
  • Organizations everywhere are experiencing a shortage of specific skill-sets
  • Average time on the job is in decline
  • Fortune 100 organizations are no longer providing tin-depth basic training (IBM, Xerox, P&G etc.)
  • Organizations are competing and collaborating with a global workforce now

There is a greater need to gather and transfer knowledge efficiently and effectively now.  let me show you along with my business partners how to map and gather effective knowledge transfer with a 3 step process of getting your workforce on the same page while at the same time creating a usable business model for talent management.