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Internal Marketing

Organizations nowadays are operating within an increasingly competitive and complex market, so awareness is important at all levels of any given company.

When we speak of internal marketing we are referring to an ongoing process that occurs strictly within a company or organization whereby the functional process is to align, motivate and empowers employees at all management levels to consistently deliver a satisfying customer experience.  Far too many times a project or initiative is launched inside of an organization without the awareness and internal team working towards the success of the project or specified campaign.

Internal Marketing if the the key to achieve:

  • Commitment to the goal of guaranteeing the best possible treatment of customers
  • Getting team members to participate actively in achieving the organization’s goals
  • Creating a potential for long-term success

I assist organization with internal marketing programs by creating programs that provide motivation, coordination, information and eduction.  We use information to assess employee knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.  After our initial discovery and analysis we present our findings to management along with possible solutions and work towards cooperation between top management and functional managers to ensure success of the organizations strategic goals and needs.  The final outcome is to design and deliver a program to enhance knowledge and understanding of the overall marketing orientation within the organization.

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