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Innovation, Inspiration and Engagement

The advent of the internet has changed the way we access information, interact with information and drives how we wish to see the information we see.  Therefor it would be beneficial for any marketer of any product or service to grab hold of this fact before they try attracting potential prospects to their message.

For the past several years marketers have talked about Web 2.0 and the various ways audiences like to receive messages which vary depending on availability, preferences and style.  To influence the buyer of the present day one need s to approach their targeted audience in many different ways.  Your audience may want to receive your message from Twitter, Facebook, email, mobile message or from your blog and to become successful in your market you will have to use all of these outlets and practice on what works for your campaign at any given time.

Let me caution anyone who is reading this blog that an online presence takes a great deal of work but I ask you where else can you attract so many potential readers and potential prospects as you can from the internet?  However, to become successful with your online presence you must learn to think innovatively, inspire your audience to the point they will readily engage with the message(s) you are proposing.

Remember, with all of options presented to targeted audiences they need to have a reason on why to listen to your message.  My suggestion is for any marketer to research any potential audience first, learn their likes and dislike and target your message directly to them in a variety of modalities and rinse and repeat.  What I mean try the same message in multiple formats until you find one that works.  This approach will make a difference to your audience and will help you to reach the very audience that you are trying to influence by engaging them and appealing to that which appeals to them.


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