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e-Healthcare Solutions

The cost of healthcare is crushing and we constant look for ways to reduce the cost while offering better care to patients everywhere.  Healthcare facilities continue to be challenged with getting health education and clinical information rapidly to patients both inside facilities and out.  In working with Knowledge Anywhere I can offer clients a healthcare solution that is a prescriptive and interactive e-health solution that allows stakeholders to deliver health education and clinical information to patients securely via email and over the web.

The solutions I offer have:

  • Introductory Videos – that enhance the personal nature of electronic communication with patients and providers.
  • Secure eMail – for physician communication with patients, labs, staff or other physicians.
  • Internal Staff Forums -provide a unique ability to enrich healthcare by allowing networking with staff members of your organization.

These healthcare solutions deliver value to both the practice and the patients in many ways:

Practice Value

  • Minimized risk
  • Customized content to specific informational and educational content
  • Increase profits by reducing time and enhancing patients education
  • Extend the educational reach into patients’ homes
Patient Value
  • Intelligent Health Risk Assessment capabilities
  • View content on demand
  • Customizable interface to ensure exceptional patient experience
  • Review “prescribed” content rather than searching for incorrect or inconsistent information from the web
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