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Field of Dreams

In the Kevin Costner movie “Field of Dreams” there was line in that movie that said “if you build it they will come.”  Well, that may work in the movies but it certainly does not hold true in the organizations of today.

If you are responsible for the rollout of a new software program, sales tool, learning system or website you must let your audience know what to expect before they can react to it, use it or learn from it.  Far too many times a new program is released with inside an organization and it fails.  Why do new programs or sites fail you ask?  The main reason for this is that there was never a plan for success implemented.

It is not enough to develop a new program one must decide how they will market it to the masses.  Many program directors feel that the solution should speak for itself but it is not always apparent to the users.  Consider this.  If an end user is unaware of new release of software, a website or a learning site how are they going to find it and if they do find it do they know how to use it and why this newly rolled-out program is important to them?

Any new program that is targeted for a mass audience needs to be marketed.  Users everywhere are bombarded by hundreds of messages a day which is precisely   why your message must come with a marketing campaign that will help to ensure success of your developed program, sales tool, website or learning portal.  Some of the ways you can reach your audience is through:

  • Website landing pages complete with a call to action for the users
  • Start cards which can be handed or mailed out to your users  talking about the program, its features and its value
  • Short videos – YouTube has taken the world by storm.  Why not have a link that your users can access showing and talking to the new program being rolled out and how to use it

The programs that you spend time and investment development need to align with the business goals and objectives of the organization.  You help to assure the success of these programs by marketing them to your intended audience so they can be accepted and use and produce the kind of results you envision and a return on investment that your organization needs.

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