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Fiefdoms and Learning

As I speak to various organizations during any given week I am always amazed at how many still hold on to their past behaviors.  We know that learning can happen anywhere at anytime and in any place and in multiple forms of delivery.  Still many organizations still hold on to the concept that learning is an event and must occur in traditional learning environments.

Performance is an ongoing phenomenean in each and every organization in business today.  Every organization receives digital marketing messages, Tweets and engages with Facebook and LinkedIn.  Once the bar expecations has been set how does anyone expect learns to respond to the mundane?  The mundane is traditional courses developed the same way they were developed 5 to 10 years ago when the users know darn well there are more engaging ways to present and to receive information.  Whatsmore, everything does not have to come from the learning department because learning happens throughout the entire enterprise.

The point is this.  Knowledge is powered throughout every department within an organization.  It is no longer limited to a single department and should cut across the enterprise.  Organizations everywhere should streamline their operations to enable their users and learners to receive the right information they need to perform the tasks at hand.  Many times the information a learner needs does not have to be in the form a formal courseware.  Gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace means everyone needs knowledge readily available to them and does not always have the time to sit through a traditional learning course.  Social media and the collaboration of information, thoughts and solutions are invaluable to making a difference within the workplace and course of and type should always take this into consideration when trying to reach its learners.

To increase performance within any organizaton educators must be receptive to new approaches, technologies and methodologies.  To not do so will risk the chance to reach the learner a way that can make a real difference in your organization.

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