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Emergent Learning

Technology is a catalyst that enables us to reach thousand of learners in a short amount of time.  The variations of the different forms of media that can be used in learning can be confusing but I can guide you through the various technologies, to deliver formal or informal method, show you how to develop for each mode of delivery and the costs associated with them.

Adult learning is on the rise and the usual models for addressing learning do not always apply any longer.  Knowledge today is complex, ever changing, and information is overabundant.  There are multiple forms of media to deliver learning and information today and those organizations that lead the pack embrace them all. I am very impartial to a technology, platform or methodology when it comes to learning but I have the experience to know what works best.  My goal is to give you an unbiased and thorough insight into best practices and optimal solutions for your programs.  Further, I along with my partners will take your objectives and plans and design towards exploiting the best technologies, no matter what they may be.

Learning and reaching learners has become  more complex over the past several years and organizational leaders everywhere are embracing it and navigating through this new maze of media.  The areas that I am asked to assist companies with the most include:

  • Mobile Learning – Out of the 7 billion people accounted for worldwide 87% or 5.9 billion people have mobile phones.  We also have to account for the tablet market – 68.7 million media tablets sold in 2011 and according to IDC this market will grow to 198.2 million by the year 2016.
  • Simulations – Mimicking or simulating a a real system so that we can explore it, perform experiments on it, and understand it before implementing it in the real world.
  • Learning 2.0 – This can include but is not limited t0: blogs, wiki’s, communities of practice, collaboration, tagging, RSS feeds, podcasting, You Tube, and virtual learning.
  • Game Based Learning – uses competitive exercises, either pitting the learner or worker against each other or getting them to challenge themselves in order to motivate them to learn better