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Drinking Water from a Firehose

Drinking Water from a Firehose

I have been a consultant most of my career life and I am always amazed at the acronyms that different industries use to make a point.  Many times when I hear my colleagues speak in jargon laced with acronyms or industry abbreviations I want to scream “plain English please.”

Many years ago  when I entered the world of technology from the consumer product industry I was amazed at how much acronyms and abbreviations were so much a part of the landscape that is you did not know them and use them on a regular basis you were not part of the mainstream of the industry.

That got my attention and I wondered how many of my clients really appreciated all of the jargon?  Experience taught me not many so that lead me to make a firm resolve to speak clearly and distinctly with the audience I was engaged with and to work hard not to use terms that would intimidate or confuse whomever I am speaking to.

Acronyms do not make us sound intelligent many times they simply confuse.  When someone speaks to me in acronyms and abbreviations and if I find myself going to Wikipedia to learn what a phrase means that shows me that the person speaking to me is not communicating clearly.

A speaker or consultant should speak clearly and distinctly and should make sure if the audience or other person understand the message.  To not do so will turn your intended audience off t the point they will not hear what you are saying and your message will not resonate with them.

People do not like being talked at they want to engage in conversation.   Stories are a great way of engaging your intended audience because it gives them a visual picture of what you are trying to say.  The next time you put a presentation together or speak to a client make sure that you make your message interesting and engaging and you are not merely using industry “buzz words” in an attempt to engage your audience.  More times than not your audience will feel like they are drinking water from a firehouse at full speed which is visual that they can relate to and quickly turn-off.

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