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Custom e-Learning Sevices

One of the keys of turning knowledge into performance is to create custom learning modules and applications into something that makes a difference.  Effective e-learning requires more than reading text, clicking buttons or answering multiple choice questions.  Business agility is everything today.  Mission critical business challenges requires interactivity that engages a learner’s mind so that the person can improve their abilities and readiness to outperform the competition.

In this unpredictable economy organizations need tools that assist them in enhancing performance and accelerate productivity across the enterprise, from your employees and sales teams to your channel partners and customers.  Learning is about changing behaviors and enhancing critical think skills.  Knowledge Anywhere helps clients leverage learning with cutting-edge technologies that make a difference.

Our technology-enabled custom learning inspires the right behaviors in context with your business goals of today.  Getting your audience to take action is half the battle.

We accomplish this with our clients by:

  • Clearly defining learning requirements at the beginning of each and every project we undertake
  • Creating custom digital interactive solutions to help engage employees, to think, learn and synthesize knowledge
  • Custom communications that empower and engage employees to make decisions on “the spot” with key information, including updates and the sharing of information
  • Align content with meaningful  performance goals
  • Incorporate real-world tasks, case studies, problems and examples that reflect best practices
  • Rapid Course Development with an interative approach to achieve an optimal, quality design for the best approach