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Consistency is Difficult

Regardless of what your profession is staying consistent takes work.  Something as simple as writing and updating a blog takes, work and planning because it is very back into old habits become lax and the next thing that you know days turn into weeks and then any following that one may have developed is quickly eroded and that individual or group that created the “buzz” quickly loses it and has to start all over again.

Marketing takes work and in this “I want it now” society a person, a product or a service can be quickly replaced with the latest and greatest simply because the previous outlet has become irrelevant in the mind of the consumer.

I mentioned earlier that it does not matter which profession you may be associate with it cuts across all professions and the members of that profession.  Yesterday I was reflecting on how it never ceases to amazes me how much effort sales and marketing anything takes, then today I picked up my Wall Street Journal and read that singer songwriter Alicia Keys was in the process of getting outside of her comfort zone and is actively promoting her talents, stores and albums in any way that she can because business has gotten extremely competitive and difficult in the music industry.

This speaks directly to my point, it does not matter what industry you are in sales and marketing has become difficult for a few reasons:

  • The media has inundated the buying public with multiple messages through various media outlets including websites, television, tablets, mobile phones and radio
  • There are so many choice to consumers that if you or your products do not remain relevant you are quickly forgotten
  • Memories are short, what have you done for your targeted audience today?
  • One needs to work at stayling relevant – here today gone tomorrow
  • Customer loyalty only last if you can outshine your competition

Has become too difficult to compete in todays sales and marketing world that is being driven by media?  No, one simpily needs to come to terms with the fact that sales and marketing is hard work and you muct work every day to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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