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Channel Enablement

We can assist you with the development of web-based channel education systems that support immediate sales growth from the channel.  These systems can be used for new product launches, customer education and sales enablement and can be deployed in as little as four weeks time depending on content availability.

My organization Knowledge Anywhere provides comprehensive channel development and partner enablement services designed to maximize the potential of your indirect sales channels.  Channel program concepts are distinguishable by their execution and management commitment to the channel.  Knowledge Anywhere can assist you in the design, development, and management of your channel development needs, whether it is to accelerate growth in a current channel, or develop a new channel strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Increase sales productivity and close more business through more knowledgeable sales people
  • Drive a consistent value proposition and deliver targeted product information in real-time across 100 percent of direct and indirect channel sales staff
  • Ramp direct and channel sales staff to full productivity 35 percent faster than before while reducing channel support costs by 30 percent
  • Realize a 100 percent or more ROI within the first year of deployment
  • Create just in-time customer, sales, partner and channel education programs to meet a variety of needs