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Consistency is Difficult

Regardless of what your profession is staying consistent takes work.  Something as simple as writing and updating a blog takes, work and planning because it is very back into old habits become lax and the next thing that you know days turn into weeks and then any following that one may have developed is quickly […]

Field of Dreams

In the Kevin Costner movie “Field of Dreams” there was line in that movie that said “if you build it they will come.”  Well, that may work in the movies but it certainly does not hold true in the organizations of today. If you are responsible for the rollout of a new software program, sales […]

Solutions That Make a Difference

We can assist you with the development of web-based channel education systems that support immediate sales growth from the channel.  These systems can be used for new product launches, customer education and sales enablement and can be deployed in as little as four weeks time depending on content availability. My organization Knowledge Anywhere provides comprehensive […]