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Bring it All Together

I am a strong believe that in the world today that performance, learning and marketing more times than not work together in harmony to meet any audiences needs.  Users are bombarded with hundreds of messages a day which makes it difficult to focus on what is being said, sold or taught and need to quickly grasp the concept of your message.  This can be broken down into three simple statements:

  • What is your message?
  • How will it help me?
  • Why do I need it?

This past six months I created a project for a provider of retail services that started out as a learning project and quickly evolved into a marketing/learning perforce solution.  The audience that we were trying to reach were retail sales people that needed just enough information to present, educate and sell a payment plan to a customer to close a credit card transaction.

Imagine the traffic flow on a retail floor on a daily basis and you can start to understand the particular challenges that this service provider was faced with.  This provider of financial solutions did not start out trying to bring together learning, marketing and performance but after a couple of years of less than stellar sales results from traditional on-line learning modules they were determined to find some answers to their dilemma.

What they learned through their research is that this audience needed just enough information to assist them in helping their customers to make a decision.  I like to call this just-in-time – “knowledge nuggets.”  We delivered these knowledge nuggets in animations, text, video, audio and small interactive exercises – none that were over 3 to 4 minutes long.  These knowledge nuggets were delivered via the web, I-Pads and mobile phones.  The messages were articulated, marketed and sold to the users while never forgetting that the users need the information quickly and in the modality format they wished to receive it in.

The message should be clear here.  Be innovative and creative to reach your audience and the results will astound you.  This retail service provider has seen a remarkable increase in sales while serving the needs of their users,

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