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Blended Learning

The value of good learning is the presentation of engaging materials that can make a difference.  Organizations that provide best-in-class learning have come to realize that “one size does not fit all.”  What organizations need are learning solutions that will create a mix of training that will motivate and impact business.

I along with my partner Knowledge Anywhere help you move far beyond a simple mix of delivery models to a more relevant and learner-centric blend of instructional strategies.  There is no fixed formula for the use of technologies in blended learning programs., variations exist due to the nature of the course content and the needs of the learners.  Many times we have discovered that learning does not always translate into complete course but bite-sized knowledge nuggets that fit the need of the audience. It depends on analysis of the learners requirements, their level of understanding, competencies at stake and providing the right blend of learning that will produce results.

Thanks to multiple formats of media available we are able to deliver learning in variety of ways, classroom, web-based, mobile, webinars, job-aids, collaborative learning.  Organizations have moved from passive learning in the classrooms to active learning where learners can absorb information collectively as well as individually.  My goal is to move you away from a simple mix of delivery strategies to a more relevant and learner-centric blend of strategies.

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