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Attract, Engage and Learn

The past several weeks I have come across a great many organizations that appear to be more concerned about getting learning tools “out the door” than they are concerned with the creation of the right learning module to attract and engage users.  Learning departments are concerned about budgets and have more times than not opted for the less expensive develop tools than ones that will enable them to create more creative learning applications that will appeal to their users.

We learned a long time ago that simply presenting information is not enough the information needs to be presented in such a manner that it will attract the user, engage the user and to assist the user to learn from the learning modules that the learners are using.

With the many forms of media available today developers of interactive learning need to have an appreciation for the fact that presenting information or learning applications in a linear manner will not attract the learners of today.  One cannot expect workers to be attracted to learning tools that does not offer dynamic -engagement that will assist the learner in wanting to learn more.  Workers everywhere are under tremendous pressure to produce more with less and I believe this statement also includes the development of learning applications.  However, if a learner is not attracted to the information being presented nor has the motivation to engage with what is being taught – what is the point?

Learning officers, training managers and even developers must be diligent in the development tools they use and not simply base their decision on choosing a learning development program (s) on price.  Many of the off-the-shelf products that are being used have limitations on what the developer can and cannot do limiting the final production as one that misses the needs of the intended audience.  Chances are that your organization has already cut back the number of people it employs mean those that are still a part of your team needs to perform more than ever before.  Can you really afford to give your audience less than they expect and need by using learning tools that they will not use?  Do your due diligence when picking the tools you will use and although budget is a consideration it should not be your only consideration.

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