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Assessment and Analysis

Organizations today, stressed by enormous competitive pressures, often jump into action before stepping back and analyzing exactly what action is most appropriate.  This translates into programs and human resource systems designed and delivered by “crisis” management often without integration with other organizational activities.

The compulsiveness of the marketplace of today has shown that organizations, regardless of size cannot afford a haphazard approach to organizational development or learning solutions.  Alignment of business goals and objectives is critical in the development of people, processes, technologies while establish a competitive advantage.  I can assist you in developing the solutions that best suite your organization by:

Understanding the Situation

  • Defining objectives, people impacted, tasks and goals
  • Defining what needs to be accomplished and why
  • Determine how people and groups communicate and learn now

Collect Information

  • Identify data
  • Review existing data
  • Conduct interviews

Analyze Data

  • Determine Priorities
  • Review interview responses
  • Map to organizational priorities
  • Create a plan and a learning implementation timeline