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Agile Learning

The world of business is changing rapidly and the pressure on time means that business managers are demanding shorter, faster learning interventions.  This agile approach recognizes the need for collaboration, faster design solutions, feedback and change for producing learning resources that bring business value in our even faster and more networked society.

I help organizations by showing them how to increase productivity of their workforce by leveraging informal learning technologies, collaborations tools and leveraging social technologies.  I believe that today’s workers need small bite-size nuggets of information to perform the tasks at hand or to make the right decision.

My organization Knowledge Anywhere knows that companies turn first to develop a learning strategy that drives their business and use technologies appropriately to get that done.  The technologies can include video and audio, mobile phone, podcasts and i-Pads.  We believe that the internet has greatly influenced learning and the way learns wish to receive the information that they need to learn.  Organizations of today realize learning is key to agile success.  Workers everywhere need to be nimble, flexible and agile and hard-wired to learn in a continuous manner to deliver innovation and make an immediate impact.

The businesses of today operate in perpetual motion and people need to call up resources that they actually need, as they need them.   I assist them in doing this through:

  • Attention-grabbing teasers that will engage the users
  • Performance support tools that serve up “knowledge nuggets” as needed
  • Mobile learning that delivers learning – on demand-anytime-anywhere with “mobile tutorials”
  • Collaboration, sharing and social media
  • Learn and Access tools to meet the needs of the organization and the learner