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Michael Kiffmeyer is an accomplished senior management consultant with a background in marketing, sales human and organizational improvement, and technology.  He is a marketer and educator that engages clients on a broad array of advisory tasks that includes technology utilization, change management, learning solutions, performance improvement and communication effectiveness. He is a proven performer who moves quickly from vision and strategy to implementation and final solution.

He believes technology is a catalyst that is impacting our quality of life, the economy, and very foundations of how we interact as human beings and it can be difficult to stay up with. As a Senior Business Executive who has been immersed in the technology and learning industries for more than two decades, he has the business savvy to help any organization to navigate through the most difficult challenges regardless of the circumstances.  Michael has displayed an outstanding record of performance with his driving approach to strengthen sales and revenues for companies as well as his ability to bring outstanding human and organizational performance improvement solutions to a wide variety of organizations while making a real difference in performance and bottom-line productivity.

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned executive with the experience of founding or co-founding, operating, and growing several successful companies including VIA Group, Minds Odyssey, ClearView Technologies. Inc., Bara and KnowledgeVisions, Inc.

After spending several years developing business on the West Coast Michael moved back to his roots in the Midwest and began his career in technology.  He quickly established himself as a leader with his out-of-the-box approach that assisted organizations with workable business solutions through the use of technology that had had an impact in their given market-space. His vision and willingness to take on a challenge led him to merge his educational and technological expertise by designing, developing and implementing one of this nations’ first and largest interactive learning centers while setting the standard for other organizations to follow in the area of interactive long-distance learning centers.

Michael established himself as a pioneer in bringing interactive learning to major corporations across the nation. His vision and leadership helped bring together global learning solutions for Procter and Gamble, IBM Global Services, GE Aircraft Engines, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Fluor Daniel, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Bearing Point, Merck, Eli Lilly and Baxter.

Michael started his career as an educator in public schools and quickly transitioned into the consumer products industry by marketing and selling name brand leaders such as Levi Strauss, totes, Inc, Corning and North American Philips Lighting. His vision and leadership established each of these firms as market leaders in the regions that he was responsible for. The broad back ground that Michael has established across several industries makes him a true asset for those organizations that chose to engage his services.

Michael is available for private consultations and can be reached at (859)653-0616 or by email at